Lighty Island is a website that features educational books and other products that promote children’s literacy and spark creativity and imagination through artistic expression.
All books and products are inspired by characters created by author and illustrator Michael Spencer.
the Lighties
the lighties

The Lighties are creatures that have survived for centuries traveling the world in the clouds above us.


They come from six different tribes and inhabit six different regions of the islands they live on.

  1. Yellow Tribe: occupies the beach’s

  2. Green Tribe: occupies the tropical forests

  3. Orange Tribe: occupies the plains

  4. Blue Tribe: occupies the lakes

  5. Purple Tribe: occupies the hills

  6. Red Tribe: occupies the volcano mountains

Current Books

where's Lighty?

'Where’s Lighty?'

-is a fun and interactive book that focuses on stimulating cognitive learning related to recognition, spatial learning, critical thinking and memorization.


abcs with lighties

'ABC’s with Lighties'

-is a great tool for teaching the alphabet and early words. Read from A-Z with colorful characters and fun illustrations.